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To Mike C,
I'm not sure of your feelings towards me, I'm sure it's not good because you didn't acknowledge me when you walked in, but I was on the phone. You did however say something to the effect of 'hey how are you doing?' I think you said it to me, you wee looking on general direction. I did answer when my standard 'good, how are you?' fake as it might have been, I'm just used to saying it. Take it as a good sign that I'm not mad anymore. I kind of want to talk to you see how you're doing, since you still seem sad, not like the K-Fed I knew. you used to be the happiest person I knew. I wish the person you used to be was still in my life. I have admitted to myself that I miss you, but the old you. I miss Atlanta in general, but it was pretty fun going to shows and such, met a lot of interesting people. I've forgiven you for hurting me and I don't blame you. Melissa Ann came between us and you left me by the wayside. You still are practically to blame but I'm no longer mad at you. I wish you all the best and hope you have a good life. ~Chelsea

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Basically how I'm feeling recently...


Sitting in the office waiting for Loomis, who never come and watching Sherlock Holmes... Starting another Tuesday, probably finish my book today and call the AT&T stores in the area and see what's going on with the new iPhone for Thursday... boredom awakens.

waves and hearts break

Today I was on a double Ship Store in the morning then 5-volume (got off at 10). I was standing outside when my mom comes out with her binoculars. She said there was a pelican covered in oil on one of the pylons outside. Now you see this on TV and online, pictures, video, nothing can prepare you for actually seeing it. I tried really hard not to burst out in tears upon seeing it. Other people saw it and were pretty equally devastated by the site. Bryan called the animal rescue people but they said their boats had shut down for the day, then someone came out with an official looking tee shirt, but the bird remained and may still be there, but the light faded to night so I couldn't see it anymore.

Nothing prepares you for that...I hate the world.


Last night one of the guest at work inquered about my Carpe Diem tattoo just above my left elbow, which Doug, one of the owners really like and commented on it yesterday as well. This man asked if it hurt, after touching my arm in my head I'm screaming stranger danger!, Caroline standing by watching the whole thing, who he was being a creeper with as well. I told him it didn't hurt, most of my tattoos didn't hurt. He then went on to ask if I was under the influence of anything. First alchol, then cocaine! How did we jump from bushwackers to blow? Then asked if it was marijuana, then tequila. Well if I said no to being drunk that means no tequila, and usually you start at weed then go up from there, it is the gateway drug. It really offended me that he thought was a coke fiend, even if it means he thought I was skinny and had the money to do coke.

Now there are some really awesome sauce people that have done coke, but gotten over come it
Stephen Fry, Lady Gaga and Robert Downey Jr.

Poor Downey Softness :(

Oh yeah....

I'm pretty sure you have but have you guys seen the footage of Jack Black whipping a bent over Robert Downey Jr from the Tropic Thunder extra features? It's on the Unrated Director's Cut, I tried to take a screen shot but it didn't work... and a picture for your enjoyment...Collapse )


Haven't updated this journal which no one reads because I've forgotten and I am working 5-6 days a week and I think really think about when I get home. A lot has happened:
Tracy the cunt ass bitch manager has quit after causing me to relapse.
Jennifer my "manager" is preggers and a fucking dumbass but she means well.
People have quit or gotten fired, one host Alex who put on a fucking fantastic front for a while quit and I play acted that I would miss her, should act like I care and facebook message her, see how she's doing... One of the first rumors was that she was pregnant after a night with Geoff, the Marlin man whore, because she looked preggo.
Alix, my little Monster/Kitten, is a sweet girl but she is a little lax in her hosting, she just flirts with everyone and hasn't made the best life decisions, if she wants to keep her boyfriend, Mason, with Aure the bartender, some rumors are swirling about that too.
Olivia, Natalie and Lauren T are great hosts, keep with the rules and uniform too, Lauren B just bugs me for some reason... Amanda, my feelings about her are kind of bipolar, sometimes I love her and then she goes and pisses me off or just complains about everything, lately my feelings have been on the bad side of the fence. Then the Highschoolers are well, highschoolers, immature and young.
Then there is Ryan, who is scared of me and he is....

...but hasn't admitted it yet, everyone knows though.

The servers overall are okay, some I really like and some I don't like at all, Caleb I didn't like from the beginning and Michael Harris is a fucking dip shit who thinks he knows otherwise.
Rick is a dumbass and I called that from the beginning as well.
Lisa the event manager is a bit of am uppity bitch, but okay otherwise.

I've aided in getting people fired and in trouble as is my like...
We still aren't organized and it bothers me, I which it was more like Downtown, where people were serious about their jobs and not so lax about EVERYTHING!


I'm finally working and the restaurant is really coming along!!!
What is the absolute worst part of returning to work or school after a particularly long and relaxing vacation? How quickly do you reacclimate to the daily grind?

Sometimes you forget how to do some of the simplest things...like if you are a hostess, the phone. All the little codes and buttons and shortcuts...you get back into the groove after about an hour or so. Or if hey hire someone new can be confusing.

well then...

It's 6:03 in the morning, I've given up on sleep...nothing else happenin' my sister is in town and that's about it...yeah...just trying to keep with the updates. Maybe not daily but I can try for weekly.